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Breakway Farm LLC

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Breakway Farm LLC Employees

Janice Jordan


Tara Mathias

Farm & Office Manager

Anthony Mathias

Yearling Manager

Derrik Ray

Head of Maintenance

Our History

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                Breakway Farm is a full service thoroughbred facility specializing in breeding and foaling. Our number one goal is to have happy horses. We are a family run company, large enough to handle all of your thoroughbred needs but small enough to offer your horses everyday personal attention. To us this is not just a job it is a 24/7 lifestyle. We are growing with the Indiana Thoroughbred Racing Industry and we can’t wait to see where it takes us!
Breakway Farm has been operated since 1995, but our experience goes long before that. The farm founder Janice Jordan started out at 16 years old breaking and training show horses. Her boss at the time decided to venture into thoroughbreds, and that’s where her love for the breed began. She than began breaking and galloping thoroughbreds. She was also a trainer for a little while. She met her Husband Scott Jordan at the race track and together they built Breakway Farm. They Have two children Derrik and Tara. They both grew up in the barn and have been learning this business from the ground up. Breakway Farm started with 12 horses, today we have 70 plus horses.
                Breakway Farm is standing some of the leading stallions in Indiana. Our stallions have been on the top 10 list every year since we started our stallion roster. We have bred and foaled stakes winners. Our business has grown from a small operation to one of the largest in Indiana. We have been flourishing in a business that is hard to make it in. Our business has grown due to our satisfied customers and their high recommendations.